Antic Ulcer Medicine, Peptic Ulcer Medicine, Pharmaceutical Products, Nutraceutical Formulation, Mumbai, India


Soft Gelatin



Analgesic/ Antipyretic/ NSAID Formulation
Anti-Acne/ Skin Care Formulation
Anti-Histamine Formulation

Anti-Malarial Formulation
Anti-Oxidant/ Anti-Oxidant & Vitamin Formulation
Anti-Retroviral Formulation
Blood/Hemoglobin Supplement Formulation

Angiotensin Recepetor Blockers:
Losartan Soft Gels 25mg, 50mg
Beta - Blockers:
Atenolol Soft Gels 50mg, 100mg

Cough & Cold/ Sinus/ Headache/
Congestion Formulation
Enteric Coated Formulation
Erectile Dysfunction Formulation

Eye Care/ Ocular Formulation

Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment Soft Gels

Hormonal Formulation
Inhalant Soft Gelatin Formulation
Laxative Formulation Stool Softeners

Calcium Senoside Soft Gels 8.6mg

Laxative & Stimulants Formulation:
Docusate Sodium 50mg + Calcium Senoside 8.6mg

Natural Products/ Natural Product &
   Vitamin Formulation

Specialty Product
Vitamin / Multivitamin / Mineral Formulation


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