Tablet Section
Liquid Section
Air Handling Unit
Capsule Section
Ointment Section

Tablet Section

Rapid Mass Granulator : Dry and wet mixing of raw material is being done in this section.

Fluid Bed Dryer : This machine is meant for drying of tablet granules.

Coating Machine : To improve the compliance of tablets, coating is being done here.

Blister Machine : Finally from Tablet Compression Machine, tablet goes to Blister Packing.

Liquid Section

Oral Liquid Preparation Section : These are high speed stener tanks for Oral Liquid Preparation.

Liquid Filling Section : This is automatic liquid filling machine. It fills up accurate quantity of liquid into bottles.

Automatic Liquid Labelling and Packaging Machine : This is Liquid Labelling and Packaging Section.

Air Handling Unit

It regulates fresh air. it does not allow entry of particles of more than 5 micron inside the manufacturing area. to prevent air pollution it sends pure air outside too.


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