Herbal Extracts, Pharmaceutical Products, Multi Blood Tonic, Dexglobin Syrup, Iron Body Syrup, Mumbai, India

 Herbal Extracts, Pharmaceutical Products, Multi Blood Tonic, Dexglobin Syrup, Iron Body Syrup

About Us ..

DIGVIJAY PHARMACEUTICALS (I) PVT. LTD Leading Pharmaceutical Company of India with collaboration with various WHO-GMP recognized manufacturing associates. The challenging of Digvijay Pharma started in the year 2003 with a small profile for manufacturing and marketing Ethical Pharmaceutical Formulations. Company has now grown multi folds not only in sale but also in terms of manpower, showing a balanced growth in all segments. Digvijay Pharma is in the business of improving the quality of life and healthcare. As an integrated pharmaceutical company we share collaborative & symbiotic relationships with our costumers, all of which reflect our business ethics, trust & transparency and quality standards.

Our strength in R&D and marketing made us a partner of choice for many companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Over the last 8 years we have grown from a small product to this stage with our core values integrity respect for people , leadership performance , customer focus, leadership , timework and community provides the foundation for everything we have achieved .

Embodied by success and seasoned by our journey from the developing markets to an international market, we are setting the score for our next symphony of becoming a specialty pharmaceutical company to see a stronger presence in the advanced markets. As we step into the millennium faster communication and value for life have become watchwords for organization across the world. We endeavor to understand these needs and provide value through pioneering work, research and development and quality pharmaceutical. Even as we savor the performance of another successful year excitement and anticipation punctuate our preparation for the future identifying new competencies we need to build and gaps we need to bridge, to ensure another winning score.



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Antibiotics and Antibacterials  |  Anticoagulants  |  Antidiabetics  |  Antidiarrhoeals  |  Antifungals Antihypertensives  |
Antimalarials  |  Antiretrovirals  |  Antitussives  |  Digestive Supplements  | 
Herbal Formulations  |  Hormone Related Drugs |
Hyperacidity, Ulcers, Reflux  |  Lipid Lowering Agents  |  Muscle Relaxants  |  NSAIDs  |  Oncology  | Supplements  |
Expectorant  |  Cardiorascalar  |  Antacid  |  Diuretic Antipyretic  |  Antic ulcer (peptic ulcer) 




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